• Gallia Fitness Puzzle Piece Peg Board Climber - Main Puzzle Piece

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    Our unique puzzle piece peg boards are made in Ohio from top quality unfinished plywood.  Included with each board is a set of our signature Gallia Fitness lathe turned white oak hardwood pegs.  These boards are designed to fit like puzzle pieces so you can design your own pattern depending on your particular needs and wall space.  Our boards are CNC machined for a precise fit of the pegs and interlocking pieces.  The boards are pre-bored for mounting.  (Mounting hardware not included).


    .  Made in Ohio

    .  High grade plywood

    .  Two pegs, lathe turned

    .  Mounting hardware not included

    .  46" X 18.75" X 1.50"

    .  Weight:  23 lbs.