• Gallia Fitness Sled


    Thee Gallia Fitness Sled is designed and built to be tough enough to handle about any terrain you can throw at it, yet light enough to grab by the built in carrying handle and toss it in your vehicle and go to your workout location.  The sled also comes with a 15' heavy duty Gallia Fitness pull strap and 1/2" 600 lb strength heavy duty carabiner.


    • Brand:  Gallia Fitness Company
    • Color:  Gloss black powder coat
    • Weight:  24 lbs
    • length:  22 1/2 inches
    • Width:  12 3/16 inches
    • Height:  14 3/16 inches
    • Material:  3/16 CNC machined bent plate steel


    Owners of the Gallia Fitness Sled should be aware that scratches, scuffs and other surface damage may occur to the sled and/or some surfaces if may be used on.  Gallia Fitness Company is not liable for any such damages.

    Sled training is extremely physical.  Please consult your physician before any type of exercise.  Gallia Fitness Company is not liable or responsible for injury and/or death as a result of proper or improper use of the equipment.  Use at your own risk.