• Leather Gymnastic Grips


    We offer 4 sizes (see sizing chart) for a more exact and comfortable fit.  Most companies only offer 3 sizes.  Our grips also have 3 ergonomically placed hole spacing to fit your hand better.  Most companies use only 2 holes.  The leather we use is heavily sanded to give a course finish to stick to the bar better and holds chalk much better than competitors.  These grips have been extensively tested by our athletes and 100% have rated them superior to all other companies.  The tape on grips are extremely popular because once they are taped on your wrist they will not shift or move around on your hand.  If you cup your hand and flex your wrist before taping, this eliminates the "bunching" that occurs with wraps that have wrist straps.  We recommend 3-4 wraps of tape around the wrist for a secure fit.