• Deluxe Peg Board Climber


    Deluxe Peg Board Climber is 72"H x 12"W x 1.5" thick with 35 peg holes and 6 counter bored mounting holes.  Two 6.5" x 1.15"  deluxe lathe turned hardwood pegs are included.  Board can be mounted vertical or horizontal (mounting hardware not included).  All of our boards are handmade in southern Ohio using kiln dried laminated white oak.  We use white oak over maple because it is extremely hard, durable and less likely to warp.  Some competitors are using pine.  Pine is a soft wood that warps easily and with use will allow the peg holes to enlarge causing a sloppy fit.  Each board is precision drilled with 5 coats of varnish on the face and sides and 3 coats on the back.  The varnish we use has a catalyst and hardener added to give a very smooth scratch resistant finish.  All of our boards have a 1 year warranty.  Custom lengths are available.  Contact us for pricing. *Purchaser assumes any and all mounting liability.  Must be mounted to a secure surface that supports the weight of the board and its users.  Gallia Fitness Company recommends the use of a crash pad at all times and assumes no liability for any injuries sustained from the use of this product.

    Gymnastics training, Resistance training, and activities at height are potentially dangerous and may lead to severe injury or even death. Use common sense when training; obtain instruction in the proper execution of movements, and understand your limitations. This equipment must only be used by responsible and competent people, or under the direct and visual control of a responsible and competent person. Obtaining instruction in appropriate techniques and methods of use is your own responsibility. You assume all risks and responsibilities for all damage, injury or death which may occur during or following incorrect use of this equipment in any matter whatsoever. Gallia Fitness Company bears no liability beyond the replacement value of the equipment in question.