• Portable Weightlifting Bar Jack


    Portable Weightlifting Bar Jack- our unique bar jack/lifter is 7.25" long x 2" wide x .75" high.  We have made it from kiln dried white oak that is super tough and durable.  We then sprayed them with 3 coats of waterproof, scratch resistant clear coat.  These bar jacks allow you to change plates quickly and easily.  We have loaded and unloaded a bar with over 1000 lbs using these little bar jacks with no problems.  That's all the weight we could fit on the bar!!!  These light weight portable bar jacks can be used for weightlifting, power lifting, or olympic lifting.  They are especially handy when working from jerk blocks.  Great to have a few laying around your gym for your members or to have one in your gym bag for portable, personal use.  Just place one under the first plate and roll onto the lift.  Its that simple!  You will love these little lifters, we do!  

    Please note that these bar jacks are specifically designed to use with bumper plates.  If you choose to use these with metal plates be aware that the metal edges may damage the product and thus voiding any implied warranty.  Gallia Fitness company is not liable for failure due to improper use of this product.